In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the KYS Foundation opens free access to its telemedicine platform for any eye doctor and practice.​

Prevent blindness through telescreening

Keep your eyes healthy and stay ahead of vision problems such as glaucoma, wet and dry macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy. (KYS), works with eye doctors to provide access to advanced telemedicine home vision tests that can be selfadministered on personal electronic devices including tablets, PCs and laptops.

KYS can keep you one step ahead of diseases such as:​


Number 1 cause of “silent”, irreversible blindness which effects your peripheral vision

Macular Degeneration​

Hidden irregular spots on the retina that can go unnoticed and cause blindness over time​

Why Use KYS Platform

Historically, vision testing has been:

In doctor
offices only


vs. Proactive

Administered with costly
hardware and machines

KYS has developed remote tests that can be reviewed by your eye
doctor to detect early onset of potential eye problems.


Check for subtle depression in your peripheral vision and hidden blind spots that can be caused by glaucoma and stroke


Check for normal retinal function which can be impaired by macular degeneration (AMD) or factors such as diabetes or intake of chloroquine.


Check and measure visual acuity online. The AccustatTM test is integrated as part of the MacustatTM retinal function test.

To access and ensure that your tests are reviewed by your eye doctors (Ophthalmologists or Optometrists), please reach out to them for a referral code or contact us with their name and contact information.