Our response to COVID-19

The KeepYourSight Foundation
is helping doctors and patients on the front lines of COVID-19

During these trying times of global pandemic, when millions of glaucoma, AMD and diabetic patients have limited access to essential follow-up care, the KYS Foundation is stepping up to help eye doctors and patients – offering free access to our eVision Pro online monitoring system.

Doctors can sign up with instant

The first online e-vision system
just got better!

In 2020, on its 15th birthday,
the Keep Your Sight Foundation received a complete make-over!

Here is what’s new….

  • New interface for our clinically validated Peristat and Macustat tests
  • New mobile responsive HTML5 interface
  • New HIPAA-enabled online e-vision portal for home monitoring
  • New Vision Pro eye doctor portal for streamlined test review

Peristat:the most clinically validated online perimetry vision test now has a
matching friend, the Macustat.

Our clinically validated Peristat perimetry was the first online perimetry for telemedicine and professional use. Macustat is a 3-minute visual acuity and macular function test.

With Keep Your Sight, doctors can connect with their patients and offer ancillary online monitoring anywhere, anytime.


Simply register for a Vision Pro account and once your account has been verified within 1-2 business days, you’ll receive an activation email.  You will also receive a Vision Code which you can share with your patients so that they can test online under your Vision Pro account.

Our mission is to partner with clinicians for better care through telemedicine and home vision monitoring. If you’re a doctor with an active NPI, you’re eligible to use the KYS platform.  If you’re outside the US, please email us at info@keepyoursight.org to see if our platform is available in your area. 

Once your account is activated, you’ll receive a “Vision Code” that your patients will enter during registration.  This will allow you to see and review their test results. 

We have enabled the KeepYourSight platform to incorporate highest level of encryption and conformity with HIPAA and best-in-class data security. Our platform utilizes advanced information technology to secure data from its transmission to its storage with encryption throughout the whole process.

  • Encryption: 256-bit AES-encrypted signaling and media stream 256-bit SSL-encrypted administration 128-bit AES-encrypted full database encryption.

  • Role-based security: Assigned permissions to staff based on their role to ensure access in accordance with HIPAA’s Privacy Rule.

  • Business Associate Agreement: Contractual guarantee for Protected Health Information (PHI) safeguards as per HIPAA Technical Standards.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic the KYS e-Vision platform is completely free to clinicians and their patients.
  •  Standard Vision Pro monthly subscription for doctors and practices is $1 per active user with a practice account minimum of $100 per month. This includes unlimited Peristat and Macustat testing for every active user during the period. For large institutions and healthcare systems with anticipated active utilization of over 1,000 please enquire at info@keepyourstat.org

  • KYS is a registered 501c3 non-profit and one of the first e-health public health foundations which uses operational proceeds from the e-vision platform to promote public vision health and outreach against preventable blindness globally. KYS welcomes donations from patients, doctors and vision stakeholders at our Donate Online page here.
  • Recent changes in telemedicine reimbursement by CMS and many payers enable new channels for clinical reimbursement of telemedicine services and tests.
  • Peristat perimetry and Macustat visual acuity and macular perimetry are clinical grade visual function tests over mobile and non-mobile internet connected devices. Peristat provides advanced virtual perimetry 24-2 testing of the peripheral vision and Macustat is multi-plex functional test of the central visual acuity with a macular hyper-perimetry scan. You can read more about each test with our links above.
  • KYS is not involved and does not provide reimbursement advice on how each practice can incorporate the KYS vision testing into their EMR and billing processes.  
  • Our Peristat test has been shown in clinical studies1,2 to have high correlation with office-based Humphrey visual field testing. Unlike office testing where only one test is done per visit, patients can repeat tests at their leisure over hours to weeks to improve both their visual field test skills and to help hone in on any field defects that may have been missed with just one or even two tests. 

Become a KYS VisionPro to better care
for your patients and your community.

Bring your practice into the age of telemedicine and active patient outreach with clinical grade online vision monitoring of both peripheral and central visual function.