The first vision telemedicine platform just got better!


In 2020, on its 15th birthday, the KeepYourSight telemedicine platform
received a complete make-over! Here is what’s new:

  • New interface for our clinically validated Peristat and Macustat tests
  • New mobile responsive HTML5 interface
  • New HIPAA-enabled patient portal for home monitoring
  • New eye doctor portal for streamlined test review

Two Tests



Peristat is the most clinically validated online perimetry vision test. Macustat is a visual acuity and macular function test. Our clinically validated Peristat perimetry was the first online perimetry for telemedicine and professional use. Macustat is a 3-minute visual acuity and macular function test. With KeepYourSight, eye doctors can connect with their patients and offer ancillary online vision testing anywhere, anytime.

Join KYS telemedicine platform to better care for your patients….and your community?

Bring your practice into the age of telemedicine and active patient outreach with clinical grade online vision care
management of both peripheral and central visual function.